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**Family Owned And Operated Since 1983

 Serving Property Owners,Property Managers, Plumbers,

Electricians, General Contractors & Business Owners in Nassau & Suffolk Counties for Over 40 years



175 Greeley ave.
Sayville, NY. 11782





1260 Montauk Hwy.
E. Patchogue, NY. 11772

, NY 11710



130 Lambert Avenue Copiague, NY 11726


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"Daily Alerts"

* Special pricing on Basement waterproofing and egress windows

*Sump pumps and tanks installed starting at $4995.00

*Sewers Replaced
Nassau & Suffolk County
from outside of foundation to curb starting at $5995.00

*Watermains Replaced from house to curb valve starting at $4350.00
+ Permits

* Ask us about * Trench-less Pipe Bursting & Pipe-Lining. No Need To Destroy your Stoop,Patio or driveway

 Water Main and Sewer Line replacements without tearing up your yard.
* All done *


We provide complete installation of walk in therapeutic bathtubs as well as handicap shower installations.

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Frozen PipesFrozen Pipe Service

24 Hour Emergency Response.

*Frozen Water Lines & Heating Pipes Thawed,  Repaired

* Call Now *

** We Also Thaw FrozenWatermains Between The Street and Your House Or Building

(up to 400 feet)

Applying improper techniques to thaw pipes, even ones that have frozen but not yet broken can really cause problems.

Here at Allied/All-City we have the right experience to take of any frozen piping.

Don't let flooding also be your problem...Let Allied/All-City get you up and running again!!

Frozen Pipe

Don't let this happen to you!
Let our Plumbing Experts
take care of you Fast!!

One way to prevent frozen pipes is to stop the cold air getting to your plumbing:

On crawl spaces or basments, close vent windows
Insulate bare piping with Closed Cell Pipe Insulation

On frigid cold nights keep your heat above 70 and let water drip in faucets that have froze in the past.

Insulating PipesBy using this insulation, it will keep your plumbing pipes warmer.
Any place that has a breeze of cold air you would want this around your pipes.
Stop the cold air from coming in is your first step!!

One technique Allied/All-City uses is this Special Machine, which thaws short or long lengths of your piping Fast!
Frozen Pipe Machine

Thawing Machine

For those Long Water Lines Runs...
Up to 800' Underground Water Lines!!
Save Time & Money!!

We have the Equipment to Thaw You Right Out!!

Fire Sprinkler Systems

Get it done Right...and Fast!
Allied All City

* Water mains                            * Hot & Cold Water Lines

* Fire Sprinkler Systems                         * Baseboard Lines

    * Drains & Sewers                       * Water Meters

                                   * Fuel Oil Lines

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