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* Special pricing on Basement waterproofing and egress windows

*Sump pumps and tanks installed starting at $4995.00

*Sewers Replaced
Nassau & Suffolk County
from outside of foundation to curb starting at $5995.00

*Watermains Replaced from house to curb valve starting at $4350.00
+ Permits

* Ask us about * Trench-less Pipe Bursting & Pipe-Lining. No Need To Destroy your Stoop,Patio or driveway

 Water Main and Sewer Line replacements without tearing up your yard.
* All done *


We provide complete installation of walk in therapeutic bathtubs as well as handicap shower installations.

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Trenchless Sewer Repair

Trenchless Sewer Repair is a new method of installing your Sewer Line or Waterline piping underground without opening a trench with a backhoe.

You can Look Here in
Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement 
for more info

This Trenchless Sewer Repair Method is a No Dig way to install your sewer line or water line, when your front yard landscaping or lawn is at risk.
You may have thousands of dollars tie-up developing and perfecting your home's appearance which you enjoy everyday. You don't need a Backhoe to dig it all up!

The trenchless sewer repair method is more cost effective because of the time and money that must be spent to rebuild and recreate what was there originally.

By using this trenchless sewer repair, we can go under driveways, patios, landscaping, detached garages, and more.
Straight pipe line runs can be done, as well as curving your pipe to where you need it! 

Here are some questions that have been asked:                      (check daily, more will be added)

Q)  We need a new sewer line installed. I do have a great front yard with a sod lawn and a sprinkler system. My husband wants to know if our sprinkler system will have to be repaired?

A)  We know your concerns about how your place will look, or if any repairs will have to be done after we leave.
With the Trenchless Method, all piping goes underground with no surface damage at all. There are some jobs where the connection may be in an area that we have to be on your property by the curb. But a small hole is dug for our equipment, and when done...the soil and grass is put back like we were not there.
The sprinkler pipes and system will not be effected at all...we are way below that.
Q)  We already have a sewer line, but it collapsed I was told. Do I now have to dig it all up?

A)  We do get asked this quite often...Here, we have equipment that allows us to send a new sewer line right where the old one is. It allows us to break open the old sewer line underground and now just pull in your new Seamless sewer line right in it's place. No mess, no fuss...Just saves you money.

Q)  My waterline comes into our house already. Can we have it come in another spot in our basement instead of where it comes now? We are redoing our basement.

A)  Yes you may. There are variables, but yes, you can have it come in another area in your basement doing it the trenchless method which can get it to the exact spot you want.

Q)  We have a new house going up, can we still do a trenchless sewer line and waterline.

A)  Yes, it is just as easy and we'll put it just where you want it located (coming up/in) your basement or crawl space.

Q)  I need piping from my gutters to my drywells that I have. I get a lot of standing water when it rains hard. But I have a patio and walkways in the way. Can you put these pipes I need under them?

A)  I guess you have been reading/looking over our website about the Trenchless way we put piping underground. The answer is yes... and we can put all kinds of drainage piping underground so there is no clean-up or lawn/landscape fix-up to do.



Keep asking Questions...Your's Might Get Here!


 The basic advantage of using the Trenchless Sewer Repair, is that a big trench from your house to the street made by a Backhoe, does not have to be made. All that mess and destruction of your front yard and landscaping... with dirt everywhere is eliminated.

The Trenchless way has your Sewer Line or Waterline put in a small hole in your street or sidewalk and the new sewer pipe or water pipe is drawn underground into your home. Yes, just like that!
When done, we replace any sod we removed and it looks like nothing has been done.

It alleiviates the re-construction of your yard/landscaping/driveway which can run into the thousands of dollars.

Do it the Trenchless way and be done with it!!